campo to casa, harder than it looks

26 04 2011

If a Peace Corps volunteer were to tell you it takes them 2 days and 20+ hours in an airport to get home you would probably place them in a decently remote country/site, right? Surprise!  That is how long it is taking me to get home from the DR right now.

On the map the DR is a hop away from the states.  That was a major mental issue I had with doing Peace Corps here in the first place- too close, too easy.  Well, yesterday morning I squeezed in the back of a pick-up with lot of bags, people, even a motorbike, and made my way towards the capital.  Several hours later, I take an expensive cab ride to the airport at 930pm to wait 4 hours just to find out that the standby list has about 40 people in front of me who have been here for up to three flights before trying to get on one back to the states.  Two month’s pay later, I am confirmed for an 8am flight to NY, followed by an 8+hour layover to get into vegas around 10pm…

The day before yesterday I built a waste-water garden and made yummy campo-foods with friends, bathed in the river, and soaked up the last of Semana Santa with my host family… All the while I was so pumped about making it home… still am, but America owes me one.  In the meantime, I am trying not to panic about $3 water bottles and $2 coffees, and the confusion of all the Dominican/Americanness in the airport right now.




One response

26 04 2011
Berry Forde

Jen-Bug, you are going to remember your time in DR for the rest of your life and remember all the experiences and people so “warmly” … I am so happy that you did this.

It has been awfully cold and wet here in Idaho this spring … I wish I were back in DR.

Colorado isn’t warming up much either … it had better hurry up … the wedding is almost here. 🙂

See you then … YEAH!

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