Life in the Fast Lane…relatively speaking

11 03 2011

It is minus two months and counting until I go to America, but thinking of all I have planned to get done in the community beforehand makes me wonder if I will board the plane alive!  I am packing 5 courses (computer and HIV/Sports education), an appropriate technology sector training, 2 more conferences, and as much conservation diving experience as possible into the <2 months left until I get home.  Yikes.  And I thought Peace Corps was supposed to be boring!

It is great that I am busy, many volunteers pass a lot of time trying to find something, anything, to do.  But, about mid-way through my courses which consist mostly of middle-school age kids, and I would be lying if I love every minute.  Teaching computers without a projector (meaning I have to pass by computer by computer to explain things), and teaching 3 courses of ‘Deportes para la Vida’ to groups of 20-30 makes me lose my voice and my mind by the time I finish Thursday night.

That said, I know it is important.  The more time I spend here, the more I come to understand WHY many mothers only let their daughters come to evening events if I walk them home after… its not that they will get into trouble with their peers, its that some 35 year old dude thinks a 13 year old is fair game.  Gross, but a fact of life here.  Individually, even in groups of less than 10, I love these kids, so I just remind myself of these things when as a unit of 30 screaming teens they are driving me insane.

My greatest challenge here in PC is compromising my personal ambitions with my commitment to my site.  ‘Diving’ into the marine conservation stuff is the biggest of these, and it is relatively important as it is really something I want to consider as a future career, or at least a ‘third year’ option post May-2012.  Camps and conferences have also sucked up about a weekend a month for me.   These things have not interfered with my classes, but they leave me very limited time to hang, play with my dog/cat-dog, cook, play cards,… with the community.  It is my goal for my second year to say ‘no’ to more and create a better balance with site projects, marine conservation, and free time to spend in my community and visiting other volunteers.




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12 03 2011
Berry Forde

I am really happy to have had the opportunity to follow your time in the Peace Corps … it has made me feel connected to you in such a wonderful way. Thanks.

May 7th … yay!

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