Campo Guilt

7 01 2011

“You threw us away!”, “You don’t love us anymore,” “But you have been lost, no?!”


If i had 5 pesos for everytime I have heard those lines, I would have more masitas than all the colmados in Manabao.  All is said in good humor, and playful guilt trips are an oddly consistent part of friendly dialogue.  But when you are already feeling bad and stressed from lots of travel, these comments can result in an acute case of campo guilt.

I of course am writing this blog as I head once again away from my site for meetings, a Christmas party thrown by our country director, and the arrival of one D-Smooth Macy.  I have been away from my site a ton, way more than I want to, but i can’t blame very much of that on Peace Corps. Starting in October I helped on a 5 day med mission, had a visit from mom, mandatory cholera meeting, mandatory 5 day hurricane consolidation, wáter filter training, Thanksgiving festivities, dive course, and 2 conferences.  So i can really truly blame about 7 days worth on peace corps, but even when I am at conferences and trainings for community programs I am torn.  I like taking advantage of these events because I want to learn as much as possible and bring diverse programs to the community.  However, this does not fall in line with the Peace Corps theme of living among the community.

My 2011 resolution is to hang more, not commit to more than 1 PC event/conference per month.  I know that even spending 2-3 weeks in my site without leaving will put me back in good graces and get me back in the swing of things, even if it means i freeze to death in January.







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