DR Ridiculous Medical/Health Beliefs

19 08 2010

Ö      If you have a bad cut, you should pour gasoline and drinking alcohol on it to clean it.

Ö      If you have diahrea, go for it with the coffee, whole milk smoothies, and fried _____- but whatever you do, don’t eat a potato.

Ö      For sprains and sore muscles, apply heat.

Ö      Whenever possible, injections are always more effective than a pill.

Ö      If you get your hair wet in the rain, you will catch a cold.

Ö      The river either cures you or makes you sick (depending on who you ask it’s one or the other, or both).

Ö      Drinking too much water makes you fat.

Ö      Yuca is a vegetable, and a protein, and should be eaten every day of your life.

Ö      Green bananas don’t have calories and are preferable in taste to mature (yellow) bananas.




2 responses

20 08 2010
Berry Forde

funny honey! i’m going to send a birthday card to your mom for you so she can bring it when she comes to visit ya. i cannot believe that you are almost 24!

love you jen bug
randy does too

20 08 2010

I will keep these in mind when I visit….scarey

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