Highlights of July 2010

16 07 2010

Accidentally getting my hair BRAIDED

I thought I was getting french-braid pigtails from my hair stylist neighbor (bonding), and instead she full out braided my hair.  A super nice gesture on her part, but Dios Mio!  The next day I was running, practicing volleyball, and romping in the river so without too much of a stretch, I ruined my hair and sweat enough to reasonably take out the braids… Jesus.  But don’t worry, I snuck into my room to snap some fotos of my post-op shock… enjoy!

Crab hunting and river romping with my brothers

I have two host brother on vacation from university in the capital here over the summer, and it makes life way fun.  When I am not in the lab or volleyball court, I am pretty much at home or exploring rivers/crab hunting with my host brothers.  I let them be the ones to stick their arms under rocks and get pinched by the crabs, and I just follow along on the hikes and wait for the next good spot to jump off rocks.  They take care to make sure I don’t get myself tangled in any barbed wire fences, and always jump first so I don’t kill myself on the rocks, and I am getting to see a lot of this area I would never find on my own! Win-win-win!

These aren’t standard female activities in the DR, but I guess trail running I did training for the half marathon gave me a lot of, well,  street cred if you will- they say, ‘ella se defiende,’ ‘ella sabe,’ y ‘ella es atleta, lo hace ella.’ Then, I get home and my 3 year old ‘son’ calls me, ‘PARIGUAYA!’ (dork)


Started with just me out there a few days a week with the boys, now i have 2-3 hour morning practices with kids, and tons of people come out to play in the afternoons.  Some days I spend 5+ hours in the volleyball court.  I have won over the family dog, so now Cacayito (for chocolate, not shit) is our unofficial mascot and follows us to the court in the mornings.  He isn’t convinced yet though he wants to go running with me.

We held a men’s and women’s team touranment Saturday afternoon with the kids and community members lining our sidelines cheering ridiculously enthusiastically.  Now we are trying to organize a women’s team to compete as well.  We may form a volleyball committee, to make rules for when kids vs adults play in the afternoon and get sindicate support for transport to compete.

The only downside is that children follow me everywhere now.  See the photo evidence for my case in point.

Computer Lab

Oh, the triumphs and troughs.  I turned in a solicit to the Ministry of Education for a new inverter and batteries (so we can use the lab in the morning when we don’t have electricity) without much hope of a rapid, if any response.  2 weeks later I was about to jump in the shower to get to the lab for my first teacher training class, when Ministry workers pulled up to my house.  They had come up to Manabao with the inverter and batteries, and had found me by asking where the American Peace Corps worker lived.  Of course they didn’t think to call and give me a heads up, but I was not complaining!  It was my moment of personal glory, and I am glad I soaked it up because two hours later when only 2 professors showed up to my class and the inverter shut down the power to the lab when the electricity came on in the town, I was back in the trough.  Such is life in the lab, and between trying to fix and update computers, train youth and teachers, and organize a business out of the mess, I have t o take everything well in stride.  Very official Ministry employees.




5 responses

16 07 2010
Bob Adams

Very proud of you Jenn–glad you lost the braids!

21 07 2010
Berry Forde

i always enjoy reading about you and your adventures. love you tons.

24 07 2010

love the update and you!!!

24 07 2010

love hearing about the adventures and the pictures and love you too!!1

27 07 2010

Me too, Jenn! Awesome! I get to see your Mom, Em and Peter this week! Woo Hoo, we’ll drink a marg at the RIO for you!
Love, cc

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