Cuerpo de…Deporte?

11 06 2010

I guess I would say I am more or less still settling in just fine here in Manabao.  Most days i have been getting up, maybe going on a run, and working on teacher training materials in the morning.  In the afternoon when there is luz I go to the school and work in the computer lab before heading to the volleyball court if its not pouring rain.  At home at night I read a lot, entertain my ‘son’ (host nephew with green eyes), drink some ginger tea and usually hit the hay about 9:30 or 10.  Some days I help pick yam, banana, tomatoe, limes, yuca, ect from nearby ‘conuco’ land- it really entertains my family that I like to do this!

As far as long term planning/life goes, I have had mediocre luck with getting teacher training going.  Classes were supposed to end the first week in June, but then it turns out that primary school is still going to class through maybe June 18th (incredibly, noboday knows for sure).  Other teachers are also still extremely busy preparing students for national tests, and many are still attending ‘clinica’ until God knows when.  Its all very confusing, and in the end we have pushed back training until July.  The most success I have had is with the youth, and I already have a group interested in being the community encargados, and we are going to start training this summer.  My other project of girls’ volleyball is also hitting some speed bumps, due to the fact that it rains just about every afternoon.  Since the girls are still going to class , we can only play in the afternoon.  I still play all the time with the boys, but since the girls don’t traditionally just head over to the ‘cancha’ to play sports, it is hard to organize.   Hopefully at least in the fall we can get something formal going!

Sometimes I still get kind of bored/stir crazy in the day-to-day, but I almost feel as if thing are getting hectic logistically speaking.  I am now set to do a course to become a reef check certifying instructor June 24-27, run the half marathon on the 27th that night, then do my 3rd dive that week on the 28th to practice as an instructor.  Then, I have a few days before heading out to an undetermined spot to celebrate July 4th.  I should start teacher training July 6th, then, July 8-10 I am going to teach my first reef check course in Miches….yikes!  So basically, once a week I try to be super efficient online and on the phone wtih peace corps folks, because what i can accomplish in my site is limited to limited electricity, limited time/motivation of teachers and students, zero internet/claro phone service, and lots of rain.

In my final bit of random news, I may have accidentally landed myself a personal running coach in Manabao.  Leave it to me to find the one Dominican runner, happening to live in my tiny mountain town.  It is like a mini-empire running club, only this 50(ish) man speaks Spanish and wears a yellow mesh tank that would get him which would not be socially appropriate anywhere outside of Baker Beach.  (This is not strange at all here, couldn’t be more strange than a dominican person running!)  Anyways, he is pretty hard core, runs races all the time around here, and used to train a group of youth to compete before the local government ran out of money to cover transport.  Between diving, Pico Duarte, running, and volleyball, If all else fails, I can safely say I should be seeing an active 3 years of service!




One response

13 06 2010
Berry Forde

jen-bug … if anyone can last 3 years, it’s YOU! i know i couldn’t but then i have ADS! ha! you have so many interests that you will always find something else to do when you need to. you are the kind of person who will always grow where you are planted. when you reach my age you definitely will have great memories of this time spent. (i wish i could write like you do but you know what i mean.) 🙂

i remember when i was in NYC and i couldn’t believe i would be there for 2 years … after i moved to colorado and now boise … i am soooo glad that i got to live there and that in some ways those days were the best time in my life.

i know you didn’t need a pep talk but you just got me thinking!

you go girl! i love you tons!

berry and randy too!

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