Time Flies…

1 05 2010

It seems like yesterday that I left for CBT thinking how long 5 weeks would be, but i think I have had a good 5 month’s worth of life.  I learned a lot, but not nearly enough.  I am still pretty ICT illiterate, but I think I understand my project a lot more and am just a lot more accustomed to life here.  Mostly, I learned about 5 peso masitas and made-to-order empanadas- dangerous.  I also learned that going out dancing here is way too fun, and makes it very hard to survive on the equivalent of $1US/day!

El Seibo was awesome, and after living there for a bit I would be okay with a larger pueblo than I originally thought.  I am definitely ready for the next step though, walking 4-6km in the raging heat every day to two sets of 3 hour classes got old.  Unfortunately, Peace Corps is holding out on that last vital piece of information- where I will be living for 2 years!  They told us yesterday over pizza and doughnuts (yeaaaa Americaaa) with which institution we would be working.  For some people, this says a lot.  For instance, there are 4 literacy volunteers and two people working with a dental clinic (oddly enough).  I will be working in a school, which tells me nothing other than I will probably be spending a large amount of time fundraising and avoiding getting roped into teaching full-time.  The plus side to this is that it is a very independent project, and I will have the opportunity to hopefully create a sustainable lab (technologically and financially speaking).  If only I had any skill with computers….

Basically, yesterday was awesome not because of anything to do with my project, but because I got the McD’s Flurry I had been craving for 5 weeks and my first two swims at the US Embassy.  AKA America Day, and I have never felt so patriotic 🙂

The environment group gets back today and that is super exciiting b/c it has been 5 weeks since we have seen them- plus we have two birthdays, but it is not as if we even needed that excuse to celebrate!  Monday we find out our sites, and Tuesday we meet our project partners for our site and take off that same day through Sunday.  Wednesday we swear in as volunteers, and by Friday we will be fully moved to our new sites.

But for now, I am going to take it easy at the rio…




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