Taking ‘compartir’-ing to a new level

18 04 2010

Over the past week or so i have been feeling really positive about my relationship with my dona here in El Seibo.  Not-so-subtle guilt trips about my heathen-ness have been replaced by morning greetings of ‘mi muneca/mi reina’ and promises to stay in touch.  If i had any doubt about my level of ‘confianza’ they were certainly washed away when my dona decided to share with me her excitement about her recent clear mammogram…by showing me the spot of suspicion itself.  That’s right, I saw my dona’s boob, followed by the x-rays of it… but who am I to feel verguenza, it wasn’t my boob?

In other news, we finally made it to the beach, and it was amazing and everything I ever hoped for in my Dominican life.  We also ran into some Peace Corps volunteers doing a reef-check  for the Marine Interest Group so I got some more details on that.  Unless I am like 6 hours and 800 pesos away from the ocean (a difficult feat on this island) I am soooo in.

Speaking of where the hell I will be living for the next 2 years, we had our second interview this week regarding placement.  This provoked my first minor meltdown. I arrived to the DR ready to take on solo village life, and have spent the last 6 weeks taking classes, speaking lots of English, and playing with new friends.    In the last week things have started getting real- we taught our first class, completed another Spanish evaluation, and had this pre-placement interview- and now I am starting to actually picture myself as a volunteer. Scary/Exciting/Stressful  I am more than a little eager to find out where I will live for the next 2 years, but I have already been waiting over a year, so I guess one or two more weeks won’t kill me?




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