A La República Dominicana

24 02 2010

I may have neglected this blog lately, apologies.  Let me quickly summarize Dec 19th-now.  I finished my divemaster in Bali, received an invitation to serve in ICT Education in the Dominican Republic for Peace Corps, accepted that invitation, spent my last week in Bali diving and hanging at the eco-lodge with my dad, then came home after a brief visit to friends in Sydney.

That brief summary neglects the crisis I had trying to make a life decision between divemaster(ing?) and Peace Corps while living the dream diving and traveling around Bali.  I managed to tear myself away (mainly because I am now quite broke), and I arrived back in Vegas with 1 short month to recover and prepare for 27 months abroad.

Now one week away, I am more or less ready to go…I think?  My Spanish is still rusty but I have at least stopped accidentally speaking Indonesian; I have loaded up on couchtime, TV (thanks Olympics!), golden spoon, and Sonoma County wine; and I have been reading up a bit on politics and life around the Dominican Republic.  Oh, I have also put my laptop into Spanish.  This is somewhat helpful but also annoying because now my computer thinks everything I write in English is spelled wrong.  I have not managed to actually put anything into a suitcase, but those who know me well will have no difficulty imagining the 15 piles of ‘maybe’ and ‘yes’ clothes and junk covering my bed and floor.

Once I arrive in the Dominican Republic, I will spend the first 10 weeks in training.  From what I hear, this training is very full on.  The first three weeks will be mostly language and cultural training near Santo Domingo. During this time all trainees live with local families.  After this, we will travel to the ‘interior’ for several weeks of job-related training.  As a non-IT person, I plan on learning A LOT during this part!  May-ish we will receive our assignments and head our separate ways.  As far as communication goes, we are given no guarantees.  I will be provided a local phone at some point, but I may not have service in my assigned village.  I will have a computer, but internet and electricity are not around everywhere at all times either.  I can always receive mail though (address on the ‘About’ tab), so send me lots of things… please!




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