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1 12 2009

I can’t believe it has already been two months in Bali and 4 since I left the US.   Time sure flies and it is pretty fun to think back on all the random activities and places I have experienced in a relatively short time!  I have cleaned and waitressed my way through Oz and taught everything from Biology to Yoga in Bali- no career moves, but all were new jobs and sufficient to support travels & activities.

Before I left Australia I had started second-guessing my original plan to head home mid-December. As most know, I have kind of really gotten into the whole diving thing, so in the spirit of spontaneity (and fiscal irresponsibility) I have decided to stay in Bali to become a professional scuba divemaster!  I will leave my beautiful rainforest bungalow today and make my way to the sweaty coast to dive just about every day for the next 7 weeks and hopefully learning to navigate better underwater than I do on land ;).

I have loved my time up here at the Sarinbuana Eco-Lodge.  It is such a special place by all standards- geographic, climatic, community, facility, food.  I am definitely sad as I shove my expanding clothing and book supply into what little mildew-free luggage I have left.  The family I have taught for is amazing, and I have really enjoyed the last week and a half with them in particular.  The lodge has been closed giving us free range to all the facilities, and in the spirit of the end of the school year and my farewell we have had a mock-Thanksgiving dinner and also finally got around to roasting the marshmallows my mom brought for s’mores.  (Full s’mores never came to be- chocolate doesn’t last very long around here!)  The family also arranged a trek to the top of the +3000m Mt Batukaru- the 2nd highest peak in Bali where this lodge resides.  It was a very nice gesture, and a great way to gain perspective (literally and symbolically) on all I have seen and experienced during my time here so far.  It was also a fantastic way to earn myself one last massage!  I have been welcomed back at any point, and will definitely make a point of getting up here at least 1 more time before leaving Bali.

At the present moment, however, I am looking forward, by looking down.  I have been studying the dive theory materials and am ready to begin my course tomorrow morning.  Here goes nothing!




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4 12 2009
Paul Berg

Jenn, just found your blog again. Your trip sounds amazing, reminds me of my visits to Bali in 1984 and ’89. I mostly knew you from circling the track, didn’t know you were so into diving. Sonoma county has had a beautiful fall, now rain on the way…Keep up the posts.

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