sarongs, vegemite, and durian

8 11 2009

These three things are now integral parts of my daily life thanks to Bali and the Aussie eco-lodge family.

1- The sarong is the most useful article of clothing ever.  It is a towel, blanket, shawl, skirt, beach cover up, and temple attire all in one.  Enough said.

2- Now on to vegemite.  I went 2 months in Australia never trying vegemite more than twice, and now I have it almost every morning.  I can’t even call it an acquired taste because I still don’t think it tastes good- I just crave it.

3- Last, but not least, the king of fruit: Durian!  Durian is an potently smelly and potentially lethal fruit.  Like, so smelly that some taxis and hotels won’t let someone in with one in their bag.  Why lethal you ask?  One, if you eat durian and drink too much you will die (no joke).  Two, durian grow high up in trees and have mad spikes- like a medieval torture club, or bowser’s back.  I am sure more many people die each year from a coconut falling on their head, but I am far more fearful of death-by-durian!  Beyond these issues, most people think durian tastes horrible.  Even for those such as myself who love the taste, it is indescribable.

Unfortunately, only one of these will be easy to maintain as in my life, though a sarong in February is bound to draw some strange looks!




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