Not cool, nature. Not cool.

11 10 2009

Friday afternoon I was in the boys’ room and felt something on my leg (bet you can guess wehre this is headed).  I figured it was the cat so I just shook my leg and briefly looked down.  There was a 6 in centipede on my leg- apparently this could have been ugly!  Their bite is pretty awful- a poison that isn’t lethal or anything in humans but hurts like a biotch for days.  I expected an ‘cool look!’ reaction from Larz, but he was like ‘oh my god,’ and soon Norm, Larz, and Oska were tossing around the chair it was on (the one I was sitting it in), trying to figure out what to capture it in.  Norm smacked it a few times with a flimsy flip flop to knock it out and they put it in an empty pringles jar.  Then we moved it to Oska’s aquarium, and secured it inside with a stack of random notebooks and a durian fruit on top.  Centipedes are just about the only poisonous creature to look out for around here.  And they are as indestructible as cockroaches- they cut one in half once and it still lived for like 4 days! I was pretty lucky, but Linda is not.  She has been bit more than 4 times, and get this- all in bed!  They like the thatched roofs, which Linda (and I- scary) have, and sometimes they fall down at night.  You feel something in your sleep and go to brush it off, and then you have a centipede bite on your hand.

So that may be a let-down from any freaky rainforest creature story standards you may have… there are snakes and lots of giant gnarly bugs, it is just that they aren’t poisonous or biters.  I’ll tell you what are mean here- dogs!  They are usually pretty small (smaller than rocky), but very protective of their owners’ houses.  They have a dog here, she is just now warming up to me but used to bark at me every chance she got.  Norm told me on day 1, that if I am ever walking around and a dog is getting to close for comfort to bend down and pretend to pick up a stone.  They apparently are born knowing what that could entail and back off.  Then, he said if they don’t back off, to go ahead and actually grab a stone and chuck it at the dog.  “No balinese person will ever get pissy with you for hitting his dog with a rock.”  Fair enough.  I haven’t had to go there yet, but I have grabbed a lot of imaginary rocks.  This is a nuisance, but not a major problem, except when there have been 10 recent rabies deaths in the past month.  The government is now passing through villages, poisoning all strays and vaccinating the rest.  Linda said that on her way down to Kuta today there were just dead dogs all over the side of the road in a village, waiting for the government to pick them up which thankfully they had before we made our way back to the lodge.  They come here this week.  Linda bought a collar for their dog today.  Good call!

Now- I hope nobody reads this and freaks out!  If, Allah forbid, someone does get bit by something rabies worthy, Linda personally knows the doctors and we would take only an hour or less to get to a doctor for a rabies injection.




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19 10 2009
Robert Nox

Jenn, your stories bore me!

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