Time flies…

17 09 2009

I have made my way back to Cairns after about a month in Townsville.  I loved both of my jobs and the people at my backpackers- and was so sad to leave! My employers were great, laidback, and taught me a ton- and I never even dropped one tray!  I did have some issues understanding drink orders at first, misunderstanding beer nicknames and occasionally trying to serve a non-drinker an alcoholic drink.  woops. 

I settled in, maybe too well, at my backpackers and met some really great people from all over Europe and Oz.  I remained the only American at the hostel as well, so I am pretty sure by now I have developed  alot of weird sayings if not accents.  It is a big place but it actually felt a lot like a freshman year dorm after awhile with the longtermers.   It is family-run, so I got to know the owners well also and their son and teenage daughter were always around- Can you imagine growing up in a hostel?? Yikes.  The hostel got rowdy from time to time (Irish construction workers like to drink, a LOT), but it was definitely home, and I have actually been quite homesick for it since I left!

Buttt, I had to leave so I could a) skydive and b)work on a dive boat before leaving for Sydney/Bali.  I skydived/dove? on Wednesday morning.  Jumped out of the airplane 14,000ft high over the ocean, checking out rainforest and island and reef before landing on Mission Beach.  We had 60 seconds of free fall before pulling the chute, and I cannot even begin to describe how insanely spectacular the whole experience was!  I leave tomorrow to work as volunteer crew on a dive boat for a week.  I will help out with cleaning/cooking/whatever else from like 5:30am-9pm in exchange for free accom/food/dives.  I am hoping to make about 2 dives a day, and hoping more for the wind to die down because otherwise it may be a rough 7-8 days!  Either way I think it will leave me completely knackered, but hopefully satisfy my diving needs until December in Bali. 

I did get to dive one day while in Townsville, out to the Yongala Shipwreck .  It is one of the top wreck dives in the world, and it was by far the coolest spot I have dived yet.  I saw a 3m Tony nurse shark, giant 2+meter manta rays, moray eel, big turtles, barracuda, and many other crazy big things.  I went the day before my bday actually, and stayed the weekend after on Magnetic Island to hike around the beaches there, snorkel, and find my wild koala.  That was a solid week!

The end of my Queensland adventure is definitely in sight, and that is more than slightly depressing.  I feel like I have done and experienced a ton, but at the same time barely anything.  In such a giant country I will have spent two months in a relatively teeny area.  But I thoroughly enjoyed where I have been and am definitely pumped see Rowan down in Sydney and get in deep in Bali!




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