27 08 2009

I LOVE Townsville.  It is this cross between a scenic beach tourist stop (there is an island a short ferry ride away), university town, and mining/farming hickville.  There is a huge hill overlooking the city and great paths along the coast and river that are good for running, and they even have a big aquarium and IMAX theater in one! It is just way friendlier than Cairns, and there are tons of hospitality jobs.  I in one day got like 5, but I am sticking with 2 + occasional temping.  I am working at A Touch of Salt restaurant and Roux Blond catering.  The restaurant is great, and my first night working my boss gave me a half bottle of Australian Zin to take home to try (It didn’t compare to Wilson, but was a hell of a lot better than the goon I usually drink here!). Roux Blond is a catering company that I think I will work for about 2 times per week. My first event with them was a wedding on the beach on Magnetic Island.  So I spent my first few hours working cracking open coronas on the beach!  The next event I worked was Amateur Day at the horse races (big hats and sundress are universal turns out!)  At both places the people are super nice and friendly, and it has introduced me to a lot of locals.  I haven’t dropped any trays yet either- we will see how long my luck holds there.

I like my backpackers here a lot too- it is full of crazy German and Irish people- neither of which I can understand.  They don’t really intermix, so I am either with Germans or Irish folks, but rarely both.  My first day here, I went up to the pool and ended up drinking with a fun group of Germans and a Kiwi.  We got on real real well, but they were on their way out down to Airlie Beach to skydive, and I needed a job.  There are still cool people around the hostel though, and it may not be the cleanest or quietest place in Townsville (it is pretty filthy to be perfectly honest), but I am still enjoying the atmosphere so I will probably just stay here the whole time.  I was in a 4-bed women’s dorm, but I just moved into a double with a German girl also here waitressing.

This weekend, after I finish a shift on Magnetic Island, I am just going to stay the night and explore the island all day Sunday.  On other days off, I really want to dive the Yongala Shipwreck, hold a koala, find the natural water slides that I hear are pretty sick nearby, and skydive!  Good thing I have got myself some jobs, right?  Everything is sooooo expensive here, it is unreal.

Some random stats:

Kangaroos: 1 wild/4 road kill/1 bbq (delish!)

Aussie words:  eh?, reckon, dear (expensive)- I haven’t started saying anything with a strange accent yet though, or at least I don’t think I have…

Some fun nicknames: mozzies are mosquitos and yobos are hick aussies




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