week 1 down unda

8 08 2009

So here in Oz now, at an internet cafe in Cairns.  I arrived last Monday afternoon, to Richard Gibbins, a 6’5″ Aussie holding a cardboard sign which wrote, “Jenny, I am Richard Gibbins.”  It was pretty amazing, and was lesson #1 in the Australian habit of nicknaming pretty much everything.  I am Jenny, when we see a crocodile in a river it’s a Crocky, I eat some cereal for brekky at my hostel, and ice cream cones are only $.50 at Macky’s.

I stayed with him and his Japanese wife, Mika, for the first couple nights before moving into a backpackers hostel in a work-for-accommodation sort of arrangement (I clean for 2 hours every morning in exchange and stay for free).  I also met more of their family friends, a 70 year old couple who took me bungy jumping (no joke), and I have enjoyed lots of fresh-caught mackeral from the reef and Japanese cooking with them.

So, I guess in a predictable turn of events, tourism is down in Cairns and there isn’t much in the way of jobs.  My current plan is to hang for a couple days more, then take off to the reef for a 3 day live aboard during which  i will get an advanced diving certification.  Then, I can volunteer aboard the same ship for an 8 day trip to get room, board, and 3 dives a day covered in exchange for crew work.  i will do that at the end of September before heading back to Sydney.

Other than that, I am just going to see where the road takes me.  Cairns is a bit spring break trashy for me, so I will probably hit the road and try my luck in Townsville and hopefully down to the Whitsundays.

I’ll be back on with some photos…ummm, at some point.  In the meantime, I will make it a goal to make at least 1 more post while in Oz, and if text is not enough and you just need to hear my voice, my cell here is 0429-904-052.




2 responses

10 08 2009
Keri Hanson

Jenn – looking forward to your posts and pictures. Would love to hear how the dive ship works out. Travel safe!

13 08 2009
Christy and Vivi

Hey cuz – If you are interested in a Darwin adventure, let me know. This gal I traveled with in Spain and Egypt is moving up there from Hobart this week. She is a kick and would love to play host…

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